How to Clicker Train Your Dog

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So what is the point of clicker training? Don’t you depend on a device to make your pet do something? Good questions!

Here’s how to train your dog with the clicker.

Clicker training aims to get your dog’s attention consistently, which can speed up training. You will not become dependent on the device because, over time, your dog will recognize your commands regardless of whether you use the clicker. Finally, you can stop using the clicker altogether.

Choose your signal.

The first step is to choose the sign to let your pet know that an order has been given and treats can be won. You can buy an inexpensive 

cheap clicker

a snap of the toes, a tap of the foot, or a tongue click. See what works best to get your dog’s attention. The essential part of any training method is that you are consistent, so see what works and stick to it to successfully clicker train your dog.

Choose a reward.

First, mixing treats and praise will help tremendously get your dog’s attention. Choose the tastiest treat in the world for your dog. Over time, when your dog responds to commands reliably, you can gradually eliminate treats and rely solely on praise.

Choose consistent commands.

Here’s the word consistent again. To make training a success, you must remain firm in your methods. For commands, limit yourself to one or two words like 

sit, stay

stand and come, With your dog so that you remember which commands you have chosen. Don’t let your dog think too much about your words; learn to obey!

Pay attention to your dog’s attention.

Eat regular meals. You want to ensure your dog is not starving when it is time to exercise or that his energy is drained and he is not having too much fun concentrating. As training progresses and your dog gets treats, he feels fuller and less motivated to work for his rewards. And he is burned out during exercise.

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