Complete the checklist for a comfortable flight with your dog

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Comprehensive checklist of things you need to ensure that your dog has a safe and comfortable flight.

Flying with a dog requires thorough preparation. From choosing the right crate to carrying the necessary documents, follow this checklist for a perfect airport experience with your pet. Have a safe trip.

Leaving your precious pup behind during a trip is a heartbreaking experience. Whether you are moving or just traveling, taking a flight with your pet may be necessary. A flight means a lot of stress for your dog. The combination of loud noises, strange smells, and many people can be frightening. You should also have all the details in order when traveling with your dog. Otherwise, the airlines may not allow your pet to fly. Airlines are very strict when it comes to flying with pets. This checklist will help you prepare for your flight.


Depending on the destination of your flight, you should ensure that you have given your dog all the necessary vaccinations. Basic vaccinations, such as rabies and DHPP, are mandatory for your dogs whether you are traveling with them or not. If you are traveling to another country, you may need to give your dog some additional vaccinations. Your dog may also need to be quarantined for some time. Check the vaccination requirements well in advance of your flight.

A letter from your vet 

When travelling with your pet, you cannot endanger its health. A visit to your veterinarian will allow you to get an assessment of your pet’s health. An airline will only accept your pet with a certificate from your veterinarian that your pet is fit to fly. Take your pet to the veterinarian one day before the flight. Once your vet has examined your dog, he can recommend medications that will help your dog during the flight. Bring food that is easy to dose during the trip, such as Nutrisource Small Bites Woodlands Select dry dog food. The smaller size of the croquette makes them ideal for small treats and meals.


It would help if you had a lot of paperwork when flying with dogs. You should have documents to show that your dog has had all the necessary vaccinations and spent some time in quarantine (if required). Equally important is a letter from your vet releasing your dog for the flight. You will also need paper if you want to take your dog on the flight. Dogs over a specific size must be transported in the hold unless they are service animals. You must have the paperwork to declare your dog a service animal.


Arriving at the airport without your tickets will spoil your trip from the start. If you are travelling with your pet, you should also buy a ticket for them. It would help if you took both keys with you along with your documents. If you transport your dog to the hold, you must pay for the additional baggage. The combined weight of your dog and the carrier is the excess baggage you must pay. The amount can be paid when you purchase the Creators.


Your dog can only board with the proper crates. Buying a box approved by the International Air Transport Association would be best. It is not safe for your dog to be put in another container. IATA crates can be tied down for the safety of your dogs during the flight. The crate should be large enough for your dog to feel comfortable. Your dog should be able to turn around and lie in the trunk. Take your dog to buy the crate and then acclimate him to the crate before your trip.


You cannot put items in the crate when flying with a dog. You can attach your dog’s bowl to the chest. On long flights or flights with stopovers, you should provide a bowl so the airline staff can give your dog something to eat or drink.


Next to your bowl, you must place a packet of dry food your dog is used to eating. Putting food in is essential, as your dog may need it during the post-flight wait. The food can also be used as a treat for the airline staff to treat your dog if needed. Feeding your dog before traveling may cause him to vomit. The food should be given to your dog after the flight.


There are water bottles for dogs that you can attach to your crate. Your dog can drink it at any time. However, putting a water bottle in the container is not recommended. Place the bottle outside so that the staff can give your dog water after the flight. Your dog may be drinking too much water and vomiting due to anxiety. Your dog should be given food and water after landing, so secure both outside the crate.

Name Tags

Cases of dogs getting loose during or before flights are rare. Your dog’s name, your name, and contact information should be present on the crate. Next to the chest, you can attach a name tag with your contact details to your dog’s collar. In an emergency, your contact information will allow people to contact you.


A leash or harness is mandatory when traveling with your dog. When you put your dog in the crate, you must untie the leash, which can cause entanglement. You need to attach it to the outside of your container. Your dog should always be on the leash when flying with you. Have a spare harness in case the one attached to the crate is lost during transport.

Having these items in your possession can help ensure a safe flight for your dog.

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