Uncovering the Rare Long-Haired French Bulldog

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Are you wondering what are the best ways to take care of a long-haired French Bulldog? You have definitely come to the right destination. Here, we will talk about all related Information  with grooming and health management for Frenchie pups who sport longer fur. 

We’ll also be covering information regarding different kinds of coats as well as helpful hints on how you can give your pal its very own full-body treatment! Moreover, if nutrition and exercise matter when it comes down taking good care of these snuggly buddies – then know that this topic too shall not go untouched in our conversation below. 

So get ready for some furry fun while getting informed on how exactly one should look after their four legged friend properly in order to keep them looking at their utmost best!

Discovering the Long Hair French Bulldog

Long hair French Bulldogs are a rare kind of dog that has become increasingly popular in recent years. They have long, luscious coats and small frames -which you can find at pet stores or from responsible breeders/shelters. 

When it comes to looking after them, there are some things to bear in mind: their fur means more grooming than short-haired counterparts; this could include brushing every day (or every other) as well as occasional trips to the groomer for trims/baths plus regular nail trimming and ear cleaning sessions too! 

Long haired Frenchie’s may need more baths due to potential matting issues if not brushed enough which might lead on into skin problems so watch out for that!

In terms of temperament, these pooches tend be very loyal towards their owners but wary around strangers – especially children until socialised properly since puppyhood. It’s important then when introducing new people, such as kids coming round often, to do so gradually so they aren’t scared or anxious with anyone unfamiliar. 

Plus an added bonus is these dogs seldom bark meaning they make ideal apartment pets without worrying about annoying neighbors’ complaints over noise levels etc…Lastly exercise wise isn’t really anything strenuous needed, just daily walks combined with indoor playtime should suffice while giving ample scope still for all sorts of owner bonding time opportunities with this unique pup type.

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Key Characteristics of Long-Haired Frenchies

Long-haired French Bulldogs may not be as common as their short-haired counterparts, however they are becoming increasingly popular for a good reason – due to their unique look and the fact that they can make fantastic companions. So if you’re considering getting one of these beauties, it’s important to recognize some key distinctions between long and shorthaired Frenchie pups. 

This is specifically related to grooming: Long haired Bulldog breeds require more maintenance than those with shorter coats; plus, since longhairs tend to shed considerably more often than others do, brushing must be a regular occurrence in order keep their environment fur free! And because these dogs have longer legs compared other bulldogs variants (another difference) – making them perfect snuggle buddies when out on hikes/walks is possible too! 

But please bear in mind that long haired Frenchies also might need cleaning of wax or ear debris inside ears by professional groomer or vet every now and then – just another care element associated with this breed. When looking into all types of Bulldogs remember that regardless of whether your pick is the Long haired variety, or not, love & attention will always remain the main factor which determines pet’s wellbeing so don’t skimp here either way.

Essential Grooming Tips for Fluffy Bulldogs

If you own a long-haired French Bulldog, then you are likely looking for ways to keep their coat in good health. A regular grooming routine and some helpful tips can go a long way in making sure that your pup looks and feels great! Here’s what we recommend:

Brushing – It’s essential to brush the fur of your pup at least once or twice weekly depending on its length. Make sure to use one specifically designed for dogs with longer hair – it will help prevent any tangles forming without damaging the fur. And why not try incorporating brushing into playtime? Your furry friend might even enjoy it!

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Bathing – Even if walks don’t get them too dirty, baths still have benefits as they remove excess oils from their coats and leave them smelling fresh. When doing so make sure that the shampoo used is dog specific; there are many specially formulated ones available just for Bulldogs’ lengthy locks! 

Just remember though, bathing has been known to dry out skin & fur so limit this activity as much as possible while aiming no more than 2-3 months between each wash (unless they’ve had an especially active few weeks outdoors!).

Trimming/Styling: Every now & again treat your Frenchie by taking him to the doggy salon where he could be given a fun haircut or his hair dyed – providing it isn’t too extreme!. He may also benefit from having groomers trim areas like around ears, eyes & paws which helps reduce matted tangles over time.. 

However bear in mind these services require quite frequent maintenance so factor those needs into consideration when scheduling appointments monthly/quarterly etc !

Health Care Considerations for Long Hair Dogs

Long hair french bulldogs are undeniably adorable and loads of fun but require extra consideration with regards to healthcare. Unlike their short-haired counterparts, they need more frequent grooming sessions which mainly consist of brushing out tangles, mats, dirt and parasites. In addition,  bathing as often as needed (but not too often). 

And this is because the thick coat can lead to heat stroke during hot summer months or even cause them discomfort when temperatures drop if additional clothing isn’t worn; how much do you have prepared for such instances? Bathing your pup should always involve a good quality shampoo suited specifically for dogs’ sensitive skin since human shampoos could damage it severely. 

You also want lukewarm water so that temperature changes don’t startle him/her. Furthermore remember those deep ear canals: use cotton balls soaked in warm tap water after swimming/bathing then pat dry afterwards without rubbing harshly inside the ears – wax buildup & infections await otherwise! 

Lastly check regularly for ticks & fleas that might be lurking around outdoors; leaving these unchecked will likely quickly  result in serious health issues!

Pros and Cons of Owning a Long Hair Frenchie

Owning a long hair Frenchie can be an exciting prospect. This breed of dog is renowned for its loving and loyal nature, as well as their playful and energetic nature. But with joy comes some obligations – before you opt to bring one of these beautiful pups home, it’s important to understand both the advantages and disadvantages that accompany being a parent to this kind of pup.

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The most noticeable benefit from owning such dogs lies in their luxurious coat! They have thick double coats which are incredibly soft and fluffy making them look especially adorable while at the same time providing more protection during colder months than other breeds might offer, due to longer hairs around neck area too.. 

Regular brushing sessions will also help keep fur healthy without tangles or matting getting caught in short snout shape – so bear this point in mind when deciding on whether Frenchies should join your family. 

And yet there may still be certain drawbacks associated with having furry friends like those: since they do require frequent grooming , shedding could appear problematic compared with other breeds-so if you prefer house free from pet hair, then regular groomings would become necessary! 

French bulldogs have shorter muzzles might make things complicated regarding air flow for your four legged pal- so please think about all relevant aspects before committing into fostering long haired Frenchie.


If you are looking for a unique and beautiful pet that will give love unconditionally then consider getting a French Bulldog with long hair. They may require extra dedication when it comes to grooming but this is more than compensated by their loving nature which can bring so much joy into your family. 

However, like all pets they have specific needs in terms of health care – make sure you understand what these are before committing to one as only then can you be sure they’ll receive the best possible life-long care!

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