Smart Pet Love Snuggle Puppy Review

The Smart Pet Love Snuggle Puppy is a comfortable, lifelike cuddle companion for your pet. It’s specially designed to alleviate the anxiety and fear that pets experience when they’re separated from their owners. It can help pets cope with crate training, new transitions, thunderstorms, and fireworks.

With a realistic heartbeat, the Snuggle Puppy replicates physical warmth and pack intimacy. As a result, your pet feels calmer and happier. It also helps to reduce fear, loneliness, and separation anxiety.

Disposable warming pack

When your pet is feeling cold, a heat pack is a great way to relieve the discomfort. These warm packs are odorless and safe for your pets. Plus, they stay warm for up to 24 hours! And you can use them over again. Simply reseal them to reuse.

The warming pack is made from a natural material that replicates a pet’s own heartbeat, providing comfort and relief for your pet.

And it’s a safe option for your home, since you can dispose of the warm pack after it’s been used. It’s even machine washable, so you can keep it clean for a long time. The heating pack also works to reduce negative behaviors and ease separation anxiety in pets.

Real feel pulsing heartbeat device

The Real feel pulsing heartbeat device is an all-natural alternative for soothing your pet. Using two AAA batteries, this device can last for up to two weeks with continuous use. It also features a disposable heat pack for 24 hours of soothing warmth. The device is safe for dogs and is washable on a gentle cycle.

The Real-Feet heartbeat device replicates the sound and warmth of a sleeping puppy. It has a pulsing plastic heart and an included heat pack. Your pet will love the device’s ability to recreate the sounds and warmth of his or her own heart. And, unlike disposable heat packs, it does not require microwaving or electricity. The best part is that you can simply wash the heart out of the device.

snuggle puppy

Machine washable

This machine washable Smart pet is designed for the convenience of pet owners. This soft, machine-washable stuffed animal appeals to a pet’s instincts to cuddle and snuggle. It can be cleaned by running it through a gentle cycle after removing the heart. You can wash the stuffed animal once a week or as needed.

Machine washable, the Snuggle Puppy can be tossed into the washing machine. Be sure to wash it on gentle cycle to protect the velcro from damage. 

Remove the heart and heat pack before washing. This toy is durable and can stand up to a lot of use. But if your dog is a bully, you may want to remove the stuffed animal if it is being damaged.

Ideal for crate training

The Smart pet snuggle puppy is a great option if you’re looking for crate training help. This adorable puppy is very easy to train and comes with a crate and a toy in a convenient storage bin. 

A puppy needs regular physical and mental exercise to stay healthy and happy, so they need a routine to get the best results. This will vary based on the puppy’s age and breed, but you should always try to keep their routines according to their nature.

You can use a soft toy to comfort your puppy during the first few nights. However, keep in mind that a soft toy can be harmful if it is swallowed. Instead, use a durable chew toy to keep your puppy busy, soothe your puppy’s anxiety, and teach good chewing habits.

Helps reduce negative behaviors

The Snuggle Puppy is a stuffed animal with a battery-powered heart that helps pets cope with stress. It helps pets relax and sleep better at night, as well as ease separation anxiety and crying. It’s also a useful crate training tool. The toy’s battery lasts up to two weeks.

It uses Real-feel Heartbeat technology, which is an alternative to medication for some pet owners. Dogs often calm down when they sense another heart beating nearby, so this toy helps reduce negative behaviors in pets without the need for medication.

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