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We love taking the dog out for walks in the morning, but we don’t always love how thirsty it makes us afterwards. We are good about bringing a water bottle with us, but how useful it would be if you could combine this with a dog bowl.

So when we heard about Asobu water bottles for dog walks, it seemed like the perfect solution to our problem. Asobu make a range of combined plastic water bottles with removable dog bowl for hydration of both pooch and their owner whilst out walking.

The problem of hydration during dog walks inspired Asobu to create something that would make being hydrated on the go easier for everyone. Asobu provides a convenient way for you to stay hydrated without worrying about carrying around a heavy water bowl.

Asobu bottle

Asobu Dog Bowl

If you’re anything like me, you’ve gone through so many water bottles over the years that they outnumber the stars in the sky. But every time I buy a new one, it’s only a matter of weeks before I’ve lost it, broke it, or otherwise lost sight of it. 

So when I was introduced to an easy-to-use alternative to plastic water bottles, I was pretty excited. Not only do these bottles look great when out walking, but they make the perfect gift for any dog lover out there!

dog walk bottleAs someone who has a dog, I’ve found that it’s difficult to find gifts that are useful and thoughtful and would be a gift that dog lovers would really appreciate. 

Asobu make a line of dog-inspired water bottles, which are all reasonably priced, and are stylish and look great. 

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